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University of Tennessee pays tribute Seniors & Coach Fulmer posted on 11/29/2008

The University of Tennessee comes into the match-up against Kentucky with a dismal 4-7 record but not because of their Defense.

The Vols rank #6 in the country in total Defense but in Total Offense 114th out of 120 teams. That is not Tennessee football fans have been used to seeing in the past 10 years.

Because of the record and not so great seasons, Phillip Fulmer has stepped down as Head Coach and looks like to be replaced by Lane Kiffin who could end of doing a great job himself.

A very emotional game coming into the final home game for Fulmer and the Vols wouldn't let the fans go out as winners. The Defense rises to the occasion again with the Vols leading 7-3 at halftime thanks to a Crompton Touchdown on 4th down to end the half.

The Vols came out in the 2nd half and poured it on against the Kentucky Wildcats domonating on Defense allowing just 3 points with just over five minutes remaining in this game. 28 straight points and Tennessee now leads 28-3 which looks like the Coach Fulmer who brought a 1998 National Championship to UT will walk out as a Winner and exactly how it should be.

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76ers win two straight to move above .500 posted on 11/23/2008

The Philadelphia Sixers have won another game against a West coast foe winning by eight tonight against the Golden State Warriors 89-81 thanks to another great performance from Elton Brand...23 points 12 rebounds to give the 76ers a 7-6 record heading into a tough week.

Three games starting with a road trip to Charlotte, N.C. to take on the Bobcats where the Sixers will be met by former coach Larry Brown and hopefully the 76ers can take care of business and win their third straight.

 After the game with the Bobcats, the 76ers welcome the Orlando Magic at the Wachovia Center and then after thanksgiving head to Boston to round out the week. 

 The Magic and the Celts are at the top of the Eastern Conference and continue their dominance over the Sixers of late.

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Most improved 76ers player from last season? posted on 11/23/2008

I believe at 14 games into the season it looks like Thad Young is having a break-out season and clearly the most improved played on this team as he is 2nd on the team in scoring and rebounding like a madd-man...

Samuel Dalenbert has been a nice improvement as well but please feel free to tell me how you feel 

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Eagles Falling into Black Hole, after worst performace of the year!!! posted on 11/23/2008

Wow, Is all I can say after this devistating game and who would have thought the Eagles would come out playing this bad today?

The Offense was terrible, three huge turnovers in the first half lead to all of the Ravens points making it a 10-7 lead for Baltimore thanks to a game-saving 100 yard return by Demps but it wasn't enough.

The Defense was stellar again holding the Ravens to under 100 yards heading into halftime barely giving up 10 points trailing just 10-7.

Andy Reid deceides to bench Donovan McNabb and folks WHY NOT, he has played sooo poorly this last few weeks including FIVE INT's his last two games, I think that entitles Kevin Kobb an opportunity to come in and see what hes got.

The playcalling ALL Season Long has been a disgrace to the franchise with constant third down calls that make fans want to jump out of their seats and say what the Crap are you doing? third and one and you want to throw for a first down with one of the premier running backs in the league in Brian Westbrook... comeon Andy!!

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Jglove's first Blog, so take a look and read about how much a Philly Sports NUT I Am posted on 11/23/2008

First off, just a little information about myself. My name is Justin and I have been an Philadelphia Sports fan since I was a kid some 15 years old when I was watching the 1993 Phillies blow a 6-5 lead in the bottom of the ninth only to lose to a Joe Carter Home Run. That was one of my first memories with Philly Sports. 

Today in the year 2008, I'm 24 years old and I witnessed one championship and that happened just 23 days ago when my fighting Phillies took care of the Rays in five games to win the World Series for the first time since before I was born in 1980. It was an amanzing feeling to watch the team you have been rooting for since you were a kid to finally put it all together and win a championship. 

Now I have lived in North Carolina for 3 years now and I wasn't able to make the parade because I work in media relations for Western Carolina University but watching it live on TV was almost just as good seeing all the fans cheering and kids not knowing how important an event they are witnessing. World Series Championships don't happen everyday and they will always have a story to tell their kids about when they were at the parade when the Phillies broke the curse in Philadelphia. 

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